Two Types of Website Visitors

Try this: open up your browsing history and look at the last few hundred websites in there. Skip past the sites you visit everyday, such as news sites, social media and email. … [Read more]

Handy ccTLD guide

So, .ru wondering what a particular domain stands for? Ever wonder if a domain owner is one of .us? Well, thanks to the new Namecheap guide, now it’s easy to find out everyone’s .id! Okay, .nf of that. This tool was created by Namecheap credit: … [Read more]

Guide to Usability Testing

This ebook guides you through the usability testing process, starting with the creation of your usability goals and metrics, and concluding with information on website and mobile usability testing. … [Read more]

Anatomy of a Compelling Elevator Pitch

Salespeople trying to connect with C-level prospects should have a variety of pitches at their disposal, but each should adhere to the principles of the classic elevator pitch. This infographic from Bplans explains each component of an elevator pitch … [Read more]

WooCommerce Guide

WPin’s WooCommerce Guide will help you get the most out of WooCommerce and set you on the right path on how to gain sales and of course get to grips with WooCommerce. Part one an intro to what’s in store credit: … [Read more]

8 WordPress Security Tips

Secure Your WordPress Site. Always Stay Up to Date Hide Your WordPress Version Number Don't Use "Admin" As Your Username Hide Your Username Change Your Passwords Regularly Limit Login Attempts Delete Any Plugins or Themes You're Not … [Read more]

How Hashtags Work

... on Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, and Flickr. A hashtag is the wonder of the past decade. It was born to address the need to organize and make sense of the overwhelming social media buzz. Thanks to active and … [Read more]